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John Richard

Set of 2 Contemplation

Set of 2 Contemplation

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A set of two hand-cast brass figures sits on rough-hewn selenite blocks. These figures will add visual interest to transitional bookcases. *** Disclaimer: Selenite is a natural crystalline material. By its sheer nature, imperfections such as other mineral deposits, which may appear as colored sections or varying crystalline structure, are not only expected, but indeed add to the beauty of the piece. The softness of selenite may result in separation of sections of crystal, which can be reattached with the use of a clear adhesive.

Dimensions: Left: 6.5"H X 9"W X 4"D, Right: 6.5"H X 5.5"W X 3.5"D
Item #: JRA-11215S2

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