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Aidan Gray

Antique Brass Goliath Star Chandelier

Antique Brass Goliath Star Chandelier

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Icy spikes of glass explode from the central globe of the Antique Brass Goliath Star Chandelier like a frenetic supernova. Switch the fixture on and watch the 18 bulbs illuminate the translucent projections to a luxuriant glow. This is one of our fixtures that can span a number of different design styles from traditional and transitional to modern and boho chic. Place it over a dining room table to crown your banquet with a feast for the senses grander than the Milky Way.

Dimensions: 37"H x 44"W x 44"D
Wattage: 60W (18)
Cord Length: 7 Ft
Bulb(s): Standard
Box Weight: 75.13 Lbs.
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