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Apothecary Vitrine

Apothecary Vitrine

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A tall, stately piece of furniture made from an MDF frame and support clad in solid thick brass sheet material. Two compartments, upper and lower, with four shelves- three adjustable, one fixed between the levels. Antique mirror interior back panel. Beveled glass on all doors and side panels. Two sets of sand casted solid brass handles that have been custom made and designed for this piece specifically. Two upper LED lights shine all the way from the very top of the piece through the series of glass shelves to the bottom shelf of the item. Apothecary is one term for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses medical materials to physicians, surgeons, and patients. The modern pharmacist (also colloquially referred to as a chemist in British English) has taken over this role. In some languages and regions, the word "apothecary" is still used to refer to a retail pharmacy or a pharmacist who owns one. Apothecaries' investigation of herbal and chemical ingredients was a precursor to the modern sciences of chemistry and pharmacology. This definition of apothecary should help you well imagine how many wonderful, useful, and other oddities could be displayed within this beautiful elegant vitrine.


36"W X 96"H X 16"DEEP ( 304 LBS )
UPPER: 56 3/4"W X 32 3/4"H X 13" DEEP
LOWER: 56 3/4"W X 28 3/4""H X 13" DEEP 


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